Conference Materials

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28th Annual Conference – September 16

2016 Conference Attendee List

Please feel free to click on the links and print any of the presentations if you want hard copies of any of the breakout sessions.
Breakouts Session 1
Breaking Out of the Boxes Alan Cantor
 War & PEAC: Negotiating with the Tech Industry Over Fiduciary Access to Digital Property Walker Clark/Darlene Pasieczny
Donor-Centered Philanthropic Solutions for Retiring Farmers and Ranchers Johni Hays
Breakouts Session 2
Why Donor Advised Funds and Supporting Organizations are a Gift Planner’s Friend Wendy Chou/Brigit Kavanagh
Issues When Working with Elderly Donors Sam Friedenberg
How to Avoid the Top Charitable Estate Planning Mistakes of 2016 Johni Hays
Breakouts Session 3
PG 101 – Toolbox to Start or Re-energize Your Gift Planning Program Audrey Klein-Leach
Collaborative Giving Julie Diamond
  Good Gifts Gone Bad: Charitable Planning with Closely Held Business Interests Jeff Thede/Penny Serrurier
Breakouts Session 4
Can Planned Giving Go Viral? Maury Harris
PG 102 — Gift Planning Essentials

Oregon vs. Washington: Key Variations Related to Community Property

Audrey Klein-Leach, CTFA

Ginger Skinner

27th Annual Conference

2015 Conference participants — List

Mythbusters: Recent Research Impacting Gift Planning — presentation Russell James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP
Breakouts Session 1
Track 1 PG 101 — Toolbox to Start or Re-energize Your Gift Planning Program — materials Audrey Klein-Leach, CTFA
Track 2 Working with Donors Outside of Your Comfort Zone — Diversity Matters — materials Chris Costantino, J.D.
Track 3 Structuring a Complex CGA and CRT — materials Lon Dufek, CPA, CFP
Breakouts Session 2
Track 1 PG 102 — Gift Planning Essentials — materials Audrey Klein-Leach, CTFA
Track 2 Wills that Won’t — presentation Russell James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP
Track 3 Investing Assets for Non-Profits Joe Bui, CAP
Ian Kerrigan, CFA
Breakouts Session 3
Track 1 Your Digital Assets — Who Will Take Care of Them When You Can’t? — materials Jeff Cheyne, J.D.
Darlene Pasieczny, J.D.
Track 2 PG Policy — Your Anchor When Headwinds Blow Handout slides Wendy K. Hill
Track 3 Asking for the Planned Gift — materials Kevin Johnson
Breakouts Session 4
Track 1 Counting Revocable Gifts Slides Article Jeff Comfort
Track 2 Values Driven Estate Planning slides Eden Rose Brown, J.D.
26th Annual Conference

2014 Conference participants — List

Breakouts Session 1
Track 1 PG 101 — The Techniques of Planned Giving
Part I – handouts
Part II – handouts
Al Zimmerman, CSPG
Track 2 Uncovering Donor Passion: Advancing the Conversation Jeremy Stelter
Track 3 Gift Planning for Same Sex Couples – handouts Wendy Goffe, JD
Breakouts Session 2
Track 1 PG 102 — Matching Gift Assets and Gift Plans – slides Al Zimmerman, CSPG
Track 2 Charitable Remainder Trusts—They’re Back! – slides (short) slides (complete) Steven S. Schilling, CFA
Track 3 Mounting Successful Planned Giving Cultivation & Stewardship Events – slides Donna Bandelloni
Breakouts Session 3
Track 1 Partnering for Success: Working with Professional Advisers Mark Birge, JD, CPA, PFS
Christine Brown, JD
Sarah Schwarz, JD
Track 2 Planned Giving in Diverse Cultures – slides Dien Yuen, JD, CAP
Track 3 Virtual Asset Planning-
handout  (Act) handout (VAIL) handout (Article)
Victoria Blachly, JD and
Michael D. Walker, JD
Breakouts Session 4
Track 1 PG—When That is Not All you Do – slides Aviva S. Boedecker, JD
Track 2 CLUT-ered: My First Charitable Lead Trust—A Case Study Pete Sommerfeld
Track 3 Add the Power of Social to Your Media
slides (part 1) slides(part 2)
J. Maury Harris
Cowbell Sessions
 1 Inspiration for Successful Donor Visits Cheryl Ikemiya
 2 Estate Gifts 101: What to do with Realized Bequests – handout Erica Nystrom, JD
 3 You Attended Their Memorials. Who Will Attend Your Memorial? – handouts James Draznin